our Go Fight Yourself Course Will Not Only Give You A Whole New Skill  Base, But Our Best Submissions Will Win £500
What You'll Learn:
Strikes & Reactions.
Going over the basic and best strikes and reactions  to get the most out of your fight scene and  the 'Go Fight Yourself' project you are creating!
Cloned Fight Scenes.
How best to give yourself a good kicking! Positioning, markers and masking effects are covered. May the best version of you win!
Shots & Framing.
We will cover how to best angle the camera and how to create an epic scene with just your mobile phone and a FREE piece of software.
Scene Breakdowns.
You will learn how to best link your scenes and tell a story with your fight giving you the best scenes frame by frame!
Linking Of Strikes.
You will learn how to link strikes efficiently for film and the most effective way to cut in and manipulate the strikes for the best effect!
Mapping Fight Scenes.
You will learn the sequence in which to map your fight and how to link them frame by frame with pre-planning and screen framing!
Adding Story To Fights.
To create a compelling fight that the audience invests in the fight needs to tell the story of why, who and what. Delivery is key!
Fight Choreography.
You will learn not only how to fight yourself but how to use these skills in future projects to have an input on sets and your own scenes!
In Software Editing.
Full explanation on how to use the  FREE editing software to create the necessary effects to finalise this project and add to others!
And Action:

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